could not be found

It happens to most Windows users; one day out of the blue your PC decides it doesn't want to let you run any of the Microsoft Office applications.  Most likely, you have receive the "Installation Error: File not Found" error message as seen in figure 1.

figure 1.

This is another classic misleading windows error message, which causes you to rummage the internet for the file when in fact; you didn't have this file on your computer when Microsoft Office was working!  In the next section, we will discuss the overall approach to fixing the problem at hand. fix

All though Microsoft’s error messages reads "A required installation SKU011.CAB could not be found" and the dialogue box prompts for the location of this file, this is not the underlying cause of the problem, it is just a symptom.  The root of the problem lies within the Window's Registry. Part of the initialization of Microsoft Office, values are pulled out of the registry in order for the application to execute as the user would expect the program to run.  When the CDCache is set to a value other than 0, Windows tries to perform a supplemental install that deems to be unnecessary.  Updating the CDCache value in the registry to 0, fixes the issue pertaining to  In short, no additional file needs to be downloaded and the next section gives a step by step instruction to update your Microsoft Office CDCache value to 0. step by step instructions

Below are 7 easy steps that need to be taken in order to fix your error related  These steps do involve updating the registry which can be hazardous because the Windows Operating System along with the Applications that run on windows relay on the values set in the registry.  This is why it is very import to be sure you are updating the right values.  The below instructions contain images to help avoid any confusion and provide a higher level of confidence that you are in fact updating the correct values.  Please follow the instructions below at your own risk.

1. Click on your Start menu and select “Run…” 1

 figure 2.

 2. Once the dialogue box appears, type in 'regedit' and click “OK” 2

 figure 3.

3. In the left tree structure, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> Software->Microsoft -> Office -> 11.0 -> Delivery. 3

 figure 4.

4. There should be one entry under Delivery folder (e.g. {91E30409-6000-11D3-8CFE-0150048383C9} ), select that directory. 4

figure 5.

5. On the right side of the window, right-click on CDCache and select the first menu item ‘Modify’. 5

 figure 6.


6. An ‘Edit String’ dialogue box will appear on your screen. Make sure to note the current value in this box incase you want to revert the changes that you have made. Change the value in the ‘Value Data:’ field to 0 and click ‘OK’.  Once this is done, your registry will have been updated. 6

 figure 7.

7. This completes the necessary changes that need to be made in order to fix the error message that appears in figure 1.  Now that you are done, close all the windows that you opened and restart your favorite Microsoft Office product.  If you have any additional questions please post them below, which will be reviewed by the community.